Meet The Expert

Written by Rod Alan Baker

A Day In The Life Of Rod Alan Baker: Wardrobe Designer & Expert Stylist.

For more than 40 years, Rod Alan Baker has earned a reputation as a “clothing psychologist,” unlocking and sharing the powerful, however, overlooked relational effects of our dress to our successes in life. Your clothes speak long before you do, and Rod has shown over a million people that knowing who you are in the inside can help you reflect your true self on the outside. This philosophy is the core of his Extraordinarily You Concept which helps people unlock their personal style from within, and bring confidence and authenticity to all other aspects of their lives. Rod spends each day either working one-on-one with clients to fulfill their needs, or meeting with other consultants, industry leaders and designers in continuing to grow his concepts and further serve his clientele.

As a wardrobe designer and expert stylist, Rod Alan Baker uses his Extraordinarily You Concept to help clients determine which clothing and accessory products fit their individual style and personality. This may involve taking clients to shop at particular stores for brands that hit their sweet spot, or creating a custom wardrobe specifically for them in the rod alan showroom. Rod’s years of expertise, dedication to the highest level of customer service and connections with some of the world’s finest clothing and jewelry are the tools with which he’s able to accomplish this for his clients.

It is also Rod’s commitment to continually growing and evolving his concept and business model that drives his success year after year. He accomplishes this in multiple ways. Partaking in meetings and workshops that help further develop the Extraordinarily You Concept. And, attending events where he can sit down with some of the most prestigious designers in the world such as John Varvatos or David Yurman, building relationships that allow him to provide the highest quality luxury clothing, jewelry and accessories to rod alan clients. Rod’s pursuit and dedication to providing the highest level of service possible, is what keeps people coming to him for all of their wardrobe needs time after time.