Welcome to rod alan.

We are excited to have you here and to be your trusted source for all of your wardrobe's needs. Whether you are a new or existing member, we are dedicated to providing the best of the best in luxury garments, industry tips and secrets, and styling reccomendations to best tell your extraodinary story. So let's get started on your journey together!

Amplify Yourself.

Through all facets of life, discovering your passions can bring you happiness, fulfillment and a true sense of self that can guide your success. Whether it’s finding that true calling that leads to a wonderful career or going on a journey of self-discovery that leads to new opportunities, new places, new relationships. Finding the things in life that bring out the best in you and make you shine as an individual are some of the most important lessons you can learn. Finding your personal style is no different, and my mission is to help you discover the “Extraordinarily You” style that comes from within.

The rod alan experience!

For more than 40 years, rod alan has earned a reputation as a “clothing psychologist,” unlocking and sharing the powerful, yet often overlooked relational effects of how we dress to our successes in life. rod alan spends each day either working one-on-one with members to fulfill their needs, or meeting with industry leaders and designers teaching his Extraordinarily You concept.

Back to Business.

Successful attire starts with smart buys of basic pieces that communicate your purpose. Selecting the right basics creates the foundation of your wardrobe and will suit your everyday circumstance. You will then build on your clothing with unique details that fit your specific style.

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