The new business casual

Written by Rod Alan Baker

So your working a 9 to 5 with a “business casual” dress code, but don’t have the slightest clue what to wear. Please don’t beat yourself up. “Business Casual” is the trickiest code to decipher today.

There is not an exact definition as to what really constitutes business casual. Is it a bit of business formal mixed with a bit of casual? We can’t exactly say, but it seems to be a middle ground between the two styles. So if your work tends to mix a little business with pleasure, we’ve got you covered in creating a workday wardrobe that is functional for you.

Building your business casual wardrobe so it works for your everyday circumstance.

Start With The Basics

Successful business attire starts with smart buys of basic pieces that communicate your purpose. Selecting the right basics creates the foundation of your wardrobe and will suit your everyday circumstance. You will then build on your clothing with unique details that fit your specific style.


Fitted Jackets

Throw a neat blazer over your button-up and get down to business. Match a quality jean with a sweater for a fun office appropriate combo.


Play with prints in your button-up to show a little of your personality. Stay classy with a pinstriped top to add length to your torso.


From classic chinos to cuffed jeans, having a variety of fun dress pants will make it easier for you in the morning. No more asking yourself,”What int he world should I wear today”.


Time for adding the essentials. Add a leather shoe in a neutral brown hue for maximum combinations. Wear a rugged boot to add a little edgy character to your wardrobe or stay classy with a designer chocolate tan.