South Coast Plaza's Renown Designer And Stylist Shares Advice On Being 'Extraordinarily You!'

Written by Rod Alan Baker

Article by Mike Gerard

Photography by Karen Reuter

Originally published in Laguna Niguel Lifestyle

Did you know that your clothes are communicating who you are without you ever saying a word? That could be good or bad!

 Rod Alan Baker, clothing designer, wardrobe designer, stylist, author, keynote speaker, business owner and now Laguna Niguel Lifestyle columnist, has been dressing both men and women for over forty years now. If he doesn’t make it, he shops for it. He’ll shop for you, or with you. 

“Dressing today, is a lot different than it used to be,” Rod says. Back when he started his first personal stylist business at age nineteen, business dress for both men and women was pretty standard. Men wore suits and ties, and women wore suits with skirts or pants and dresses. “I concentrated then on making sure people had a good working wardrobe for the demands of their businesses and positions,” reflects Rod. And making sure that everything fitted well and for the men, he designed--and still does design--a line of custom garments. Rod’s line is rod alan. You can see his designs on

Today, especially coming out of this pandemic, it’s changed even more. Business casual started about twenty five years ago and people were confused of what to wear then. What is business casual? But now that many of us are working from home; and the demands of going to an office may go away permanently, or at least way less than before. Now what do we do for our dress or casual business attire? “Forget business," many wonder. "How about what to wear for just life?” That’s where Rod steps in. 

Rod shops as a stylist for both men and women all over the southland. Rod will even travel abroad. His hub where you can find him almost everyday shopping is South Coast Plaza. “It’s all right there!” Rod says. It’s beautiful, glamorous, elegant and it has 250 of the finest in current luxury stores in the world right at your finger tips. “It’s the Best place to shop!” Rod says. 

Also, with the whole Covid back and forth shut down thing, the Plaza is continuing to step up their game by making your shopping experience inside and outside spectacular. They have Curb-side pickups, Pop-up stores throughout property and of course a couple dozen stylist just like Rod that can help you find the best pieces for whatever your lifestyle demands. Check it out on 

Rod’s “Extraordinarily You” concept makes it not only easy to dress, but also to buy the right clothing that communicates exactly what you want to say, without saying a word. Dressed up, Dressed casual or Dressed to communicate the “Extraordinarily You” masterpiece you were created to be.

You can find Rod online in several locations. Or, visit him at any of the following social media handles: for shopping: @rod_alan_baker. For his custom line: @rodalan_custom. For his “Extraordinarily You” book series and speaking engagements: @extraordianarilyyou_ 

“You never know when your going to meet that one person, who could change your life ...forever."

So always Be, “Extraordinarily You!” - Rod Alan Baker