Creating a functional wardrobe

Written by Rod Alan Baker

A successful wardrobe starts not only with smart buys that speak to your sweet spot but, also selecting pieces that communicate your purpose. How do you determine your sweet spot and how does it apply to dressing? Well, your sweet spot is about going inside to discover your passions and then selecting the correct pieces that speak to your overall style.

Selecting correct pieces results in functionality that suits your everyday lifestyle no matter the circumstance. That is what we want to create, a wardrobe that is not only versatile and interchanging but also communicates your message no matter where you are.

Learn how to maximize your wardrobe by selecting the right basics below:

There is no mystery in creating a wardrobe that consists of hundreds of combinations.

It all starts with determining the current resources you have and whether there is an opportunity to grow off those pieces first. If you are starting from scratch that is okay too and is just as effective.

Say you purchased a navy suit for example. It is important not to buy cheap and invest in your wardrobe. The quality and value in clothing are essential because you want pieces that will last over time so you can continue to add to them. If you don’t, that nice navy suit that you thought was so flashy, well in a year or two won’t look as good. You will see a dramatic wear throughout the coat and throw it away.

Find something in your price range, but remember the importance of quality and how that investment actually can save you money in the long run.

Say you bought four dress shirts and three pairs of pants with that navy suit. How would this change the versatility of the combinations? A number of outfits you now have go from one to twelve. That sounds pretty good if you ask me right?

Each shirt will match the suit jacket and each pair of pants will too. So, every combination of shirt and pant will work with the suit jacket. Changing the pant alone has created a new outfit and a completely different feel.

You can even think bigger. The pant colors are all different, right? Well, what does each color communicate? A grey and blue combination suggest a business profession, a beige and blue combination suggests a casual appearance, and a blue and black combination is a business casual look. Just there you are communicating three different messages. You just have to determine which outfit is appropriate for what group and setting.