In life, you never know who you are going to meet and how they might change your life forever.  Before a formal event one evening, I had the need to tie my bowtie.  That was the night when I had the pleasure of meeting Rod Baker. For over twenty years now, he has been my go-to guy when it comes to my overall personal brand.

His DRESS concept might be simple, but it is actually broad and very powerful in what it accomplishes for each individual in all aspects of life, not just clothing.  Image and what it specifically communicates has always been important for me starting in my youth, through my business, and now onto the next generations of my family.

Rod has been a key part of that for me.   He has also provided me with the best of the best without the worry of what it is going to take, effort wise, to accomplish it.  Clothing can be a challenge but working with Rod has been such an ease.

Don’t just read this book, understand it and then take action on it.  Only then will you experience the life change that I have.  I endorse this book and Rod with my highest compliment.

Fletcher Jones, Jr.

President, Fletcher Jones Management Group

“Whether you believe it or not, your clothing speaks long before you do!” – Rod Alan Baker

Always Be Extraordinarily You!

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