Building A Functional Wardrobe

Designing a wardrobe is no different than furnishing a house; however, it is often overlooked as an undertaking.  Most of you have never had a dress lesson when you were growing up at home, or at school for that matter.  Finding out who you are on the inside at an early age is critical to paving a rewarding lifestyle in all facets of your life. 

We always start with finding out who you are, moving onto the closet to cleanse what has filled it, and then replacing it with clothes that represent you and your whole lifestyle.  By doing so, you can wake up to the universal question of “what in the world am I going to wear today” with peace and confidence.  After all, the way you start your day, is the way you end it.

Discovering your personality and passions. 

The process and tools we have incorporated our stylists with have made building a functional wardrobe that suits you, easy and convenient. We start by first discovering your passions, then your personality to better understand what resources you have currently in your closet.  We’ll decide what works with your style already and organize off those pieces first. 

Your personalized wardrobe.

Stylists use your Extraordinarily You profile to determine what fits your image goals.  This profile will assist in setting up a program built on selected outfits that meets your masterpiece.  Our stylists will then help you cleanse out clothing in your current wardrobe that no longer suits your message and shop for key clothing that will extend and update the resources you already have.

What happens to the clothing we purged from your wardrobe?

Did you know that the clothing donations rod alan makes to numerous organizations comes from your purged wardrobe?  We are adamant about helping complete transformations from the inside out, by donating clothing that generates nearly half of the revenue these organizations need to serve over 5,000 at risk individuals each and every year.

Discovering your masterpiece is what we do.

So contact us with questions at any time.