A:  Fashion is constantly changing. With so many trends going in and out, defining the two is harder than ever.  Although style and fit may seem similar to most, they are actually quite different.


Finding The Style

Rod Alan Baker helps discover your style by first going inside. By determining your passions and personality, you will accurately reflect what clothing best suits your masterpiece. Your style can already be heavily influenced by the resources you currently have, like that grey jacket you always reach for, could be one of your signature pieces.  An effective approach in building a functional wardrobe is: build outfits off pieces you already have and find new items that work with them, which will save you money and give you a great jump start to expanding the outfits in your closet.  It is important to keep in mind that when you are purchasing new pieces, think about the groups and settings you most find yourself in.  This will determine whether your clothing will communicate the message you want in your daily life.


Finding The Fit

The fit of your garment is important! If you prefer a more casual style that is loose fitting purchase those.  There is nothing worse than overlooking that blue shirt you recently bought, but won’t wear, because it doesn’t fit you the way you wanted and thought it did. Shop smart and be patient.


Our expert stylists can assist you with shopping and educate you with tools that help you construct a wardrobe that suits your style, and most importantly makes you feel Extraordinarily You!


Find Your Style