The second book in Rod Alan Baker’s life changing series Extraordinarily You is set to be released very soon!  The first book in a lifestyle series, Extraordinarily You has helped thousands of people discover the true masterpiece that they were created to be, and helped them communicate it accurately to the world.

Rod shows how your clothing is a unique “dress language” that can pave the way for you to deliver your message authentically and effectively. Although it is a simple concept, it is a paradigm shift in what you have been taught about clothing, image, and communication.  The second book in this series is sure to continue to help people around the world unlock their own Extraordinarily You inside.

For more than 36 years, Rod Alan Baker has earned a reputation as a “clothing psychologist,” unlocking and sharing the powerful, however, overlooked relational effects of our dress.  He has quickly gained a celebrated name for fascinating others on a journey inside their hearts and personalities, exploring how to communicate and relate more effectively with your dress without ever saying a word. Your clothes speak long before you do, and Rod has shown over a million people that knowing who you are on the inside can help you reflect your true self on the outside. His simple “Extraordinarily You” concept will help you dress for every situation and every person you meet, and it will bring the same confidence and authenticity to all other aspects of your life, from retail sales and merchandising, investing to decorating.