Personal Shopping Experience

Many of us find shopping overwhelming and frustrating because we can’t find exactly what clothes best suit our masterpiece.  In most cases, this stems from not knowing who you are on the inside.  After all, if you don’t know who you are, how do you know where you are going!  Don’t worry, we are here to take you on a journey to discover inside.

Our expert stylists will assist you with shopping for clothing that helps you dress your best.  From the latest styles to the top brands, we will provide you with the exact clothing that reflects who you are, without ever saying a word.

Eliminate shopping from your life.

Our expert stylists will do it for you.

We never deliver fashion or style that doesn’t fit you.  We dress you the way you’ve always wanted from the inside out, but never knew how.  Our expert stylists will simplify the process for you.  We get to know your passions and personality to outfit you with clothing for every occasion, so no matter where you are you’ll always look your best dressed self.

The showroom and our custom clothing are some of the key ingredients that make the rod alan experience of personal styling, convenient and productive.

Exceptional clothing that suits you.

Selecting from only the world’s top brands ensures that you will be dressed with only the most premium quality of clothing.  Experienced in selecting only the most unique of styles and trends, our stylists help you build a working wardrobe with looks you absolutely adore. Eliminate having to decide what to wear everyday from your life. We will do it for you.


rod alan showroom

Join us for a custom fitting.

The rod alan showroom is a place of luxury and sets the stage for our message.  Joining us to meet your stylist and determining what suits you the best,  helps us find the most accurate styles and fits that work for you.  Stop on by with friends and make yourself at home.  We have plenty of beverages to share – so come on in.

Costa Mesa, CA


Creating an Extraordinarily You wardrobe has never been easier.

01  Tell us about your masterpiece

Your passions, personality, and interests  – will help us connect you with your masterpiece.

02  Connect with a stylist

Out stylists will be contacting you through phone or email to better understand what fits you the best.  We will then start building a personalized wardrobe based off your profile.

03  Your shopping process

Schedule an appointment for a custom fitting in our showroom. Once we have your size, fit, and style we will help eliminate the process of shopping from your life.

Discovering your masterpiece is what we do.

So contact us with questions at any time.