The New Year always brings change.  It’s a time to set new goals, let go of things that happened in the previous year and establish good habits for the coming months.  The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to purge and hit the reset button for things in your life that don’t fit with your new year’s goals.  It’s healthy and cleansing, and helps us all take a step back and discover what’s important to us and what isn’t.  What better place to start the New Year’s refresh than with your wardrobe? 

Rod Alan Baker can help you start the new year out on the right path.  When you look into your closet as 2017 winds down, think about your goals for 2018; your career, your health, your happiness.  Really consider who you want to be, and how you want to be portrayed.  Rod can work closely with you to help you rediscover yourself and make these decisions on what to keep, what to change, what to improve and how to tie it all together to unlock an extraordinarily you in the new year.

Rod has built his reputation over more than three decades as a “clothing psychologist”, helping people see the relational effects their wardrobe has to their happiness and success.  Working one on one with clients to discover their truly unique style and build a wardrobe that reflects their true self.  It’s an often overlooked area that with some guidance and work, can bring confidence and authenticity to every aspect of your life.  And the new year is a the perfect time to embark on this journey with Rod.

Making goals is important, but doing the work to achieve those goals is where the real success comes, and at rod alan we make it our business to be a partner in your success.  From custom clothing made to fit, to personal styling and shopping, we can help manage every aspect of your new wardrobe and discover the clothing, and budget, that’s just for you.  The rod alan showroom is packed with luxury clothing, accessories, jewelry and watches from some of the finest brands and designers in the world.  All are personally selected by Rod Alan Baker to be available to his clients.

Now is the time, just one phone call can put you on the path to a new and extraordinarily you in 2018.  Contact rod alan today and get started.  We look forward to being a partner in your successful new year!