A: Warning Signs That You Have A Short Torso & Long Legs:

  • Tops tend to run very long past your waist.
  • Blouses custom to hitting you in the midsection, hit you in awkward places past your waistline.
  • Average or mid jeans, actually fit more like high-rise jeans.


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Tops That Can Mask Your Short Torso

Look for tops that carry interest in the neckline (eg. v-neck, or scoop neck) with vertical details to slim and elongate torso.  Wearing your tops untucked and draped past the waist line is also a great way to mask a short torso.  Make sure to select pieces that are medium to long in length with dark colored hues.

Low-Rise Pants That Elongate Your Figure

Seek out low-rise pants that create proportion to your figure so your long legs can stand out.  If you wish to elongate your short torso, wear colored denim that brings the eye’s attention downward past the waistline.


Warning Signs That You Have A Short Torso & Long Legs:


Flattering Dresses That Create Length

Dresses that posses a drop-waist will have a length past your waistline and create a taller midsection.   Attention is then further focused on your legs lenghening your appearance.  Avoid horizontal stripes that will compress your appearance.


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