Listen up everyone. Do you have a favorite pair of jeans?  Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? Not sure how to put them together. 

Well, than you are not the only one feeling that matching jeans and shoes is pretty tricky. Trust us when we say, “It’s really not”.  Matching jeans with shoes isn’t a puzzle when you have the answers from an experienced expert.

Check these useful tips:
1.  What’s the setting?  Start by selecting dressy or more conservative pairings.
2.  Find your true jean.  There is a certain fit and wash that works best for the groups and the setting you will be in.                                
3.  Cuff your jeans properly.  It’s a trendy move that gives you that edge.
4.  Bring it together with a more casual sneaker or dressy loafer.


We can’t stress enough the importance of the group and setting.

Depending on what message you want to communicate with the combination of the group and setting will effective what clothing you choose.  Establish what look your going for.  Do you have an optimist personality and tend to want the center of attention on you? If so, a more flashy and bright appearance will do the trick.  But, if you are someone with a giver personality, you tend to want to be in the background more and let others command the attention.  With this you should go with a more appropriate casual look.  You can see how this is important and plays a key factor in dressing.

Staying Casual, Homie

Being casual doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care.  Craft a wardrobe where every element compliments each other.  Take pride in your dressed-down style.  If your hunting for a step-up, throw those darker-wash jeans with a pair of leather shoes for a dressier look.


Choose Your Fit

Finding the perfect pair can be such a frustrating task.  Discover your inseam, your fit, and then your wash in a step-by-step approach.

Your Extraordinary Style

Straight, slim, or skinny – don’t give up just yet.  Jeans are categorized most of the time by fit and leg style.  Each brand is different and use different terms, but we have provided some common ones:

Slim Fit is decreased in the waist, with a medium rise.  This is ideal for a more dressier setting.

Regular or “classic fit”, means the waist cut is natural with a straight leg.  This style works very well for a larger variety of body sizes.

Relaxed fit is a high rise, with larger room in the thighs and legs.  Ideal for athletic and beefier body types.

Skinny jeans are a low rise cut and are very skinny throughout the leg.  Best for people who don’t have really any meat on their lower half.

Straight leg means the jean is straight throughout: hip, leg, and thigh.

Boot cut jeans have a unique style at the bottom – tailored leg to fit over your boot.


The Shoe Matches The Pant

Picking the right shoes in a store doesn’t have to be the worst day of your life.  Well selected and thought out styles will go a long way in your wardrobe.

Casual Shoes With Jeans

Wearing a sneaker is very casual, but isn’t your only option in the casual space.  A nice laced shoe or an edgy boot will add some “fire” to your look.

If you rock a faded denim, that should be the focus of your outfit.  Keeping the top a little simple will really bring out an edgier look with darker shoes.  Try to avoid boat shoes or leather because they will appear washed out.


Dress Shoes with Jeans

Dress Up The Jeans

Let’s start wearing those loafers and dress shoes in your closet.  You want to look awesome right!  In order to make that happen you need to find that combination of a bomb dress shoes to finish the job with the jean.

Avoid the length of the pant reaching below the top of the shoe.  A simple trick is the “Cuff” we discussed earlier.  Dragging on the ground is a!  The cuff is a subtle way to show off a different style too. 

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