A:  There is nothing like feeling self-conscious.  After all the late afternoon summer barbecues, we all tend to feel a little extra in the midsection. With correct styling tips, we can help mask that dreaded muffin top and save you from having to run to the gym.

Here’s how you can do it.


Ditch the low rise jeans!

Search out a jean that hits you near the belly button region.  This is the ideal waist height you should target.  If your jeans are too low you’re letting it all out and if they are too high you are probably looking like the “team mom”.

Embrace the high waisted pants!  These jeans will not only flatter you, but create a narrow waistline keeping your muffin top hidden away.  Also, look for pants that have a little bit of stretch in the waistband and are not to tight.  This will give you a little wiggle room to work with.


Avoid those clingy tops and play with proportions.

Select a top or blouse that skims your midsection and reaches your hips, so your legs appear slimmer.  If the top or blouse seems overwhelming, match it with a jacket or blazer on top.  A fitted style blazer that looks great in the shoulders will help the fit cover the dreaded pooch.

Emphasizing your flattened figure is about creating equal proportion.  A fit that is more snug at the bust and flares out at your hips, avoids hitting your muffin top.

Utilizing some of these clothing tricks will help you beat down that muffin top and produce a silhouette that conceals your embarrassing areas.


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