Your “Extraordinarily You” Masterpiece

The Extraordinarily You concept is broad, and comprises every element of a person’s life from birth until death. It is a lifestyle concept with huge scope and is based on first knowing who you are on the inside, and then living that in an integrated manner across all facets and areas of your life.

Discovering your masterpiece from the inside out.

The concept was first discovered over 35 years ago, and has been used very successfully to assist over 1,000,000 people to get dressed each day through the Extraordinarily You concept. This is truly a Chicken Soup for the Soul phenomenon, however, much broader in scope.  The first book Extraordinarily You—From The Inside Out, was written first to establish common ground with the over seven billion people that wake up every day to the universal question, “What in the World am I Going to Wear?”  This book and concept has been highly praised and endorsed by the likes of Fletcher Jones, Jr. of Mercedes Benz stardom; J.B. Scott, heir of the Albertson’s fortune; Tom Sullivan the well known actor, singer and best selling author; Mick Ukleja author, consultant, philanthropist, and leadership expert; Todd Duncan New York Times best-selling author and Sales Mastery expert, and Julie Aigner Clark the founder of Baby Einstein to name a few. 

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