As a well-known stylist, Rod will assist you in choosing clothing by first helping you find out who you are on the inside.  Rod will ignite you to discover your one- of-a-kind passions and then help you discover your individual personality, usually made up of at least a primary and secondary type.  By doing so, Rod educates you on the clothes that reflect your “masterpiece” for the settings and groups that make up your life, all within the resources with which you have been blessed.

Personal Shopping

Many of you find shopping overwhelming and frustrating. In most cases, this stems from not knowing who you are.  After all, when you don’t know who you are, how do you know where you are going!  To make the process easier, Rod starts with finding out who you are so he can painlessly do the shopping for you.  In 100% of the cases, Rod will provide you with the exact clothes that reflect who you are, so you can then seamlessly reflect this through your clothes without ever saying a word.

Wardrobe Design

Designing a wardrobe is no different than furnishing a house; however, it is often overlooked as an undertaking.  Most of you have never had a dress lesson when you were growing up at home, or at school for that matter.  Finding out who you are at an early age is critical to paving a rewarding lifestyle in all facets of your life.  Rod always starts with finding out who you are, moving onto the closet to cleanse what has filled it, and then replacing it with clothes that represent you and your whole lifestyle.  By doing so, you can wake up to the universal question of “what in the world am I going to wear today” with peace and confidence. After all, the way you start your day, is the way you end it.

How We Help

–Clothing & Wardrobe Designer

–Masterpiece Coach

–Closet Cleansing-Purging

–Stylist-Personal Shopping

–Custom Tailoring

–In-Home Consulting

–One Time-Weekly-Monthly Trip packing consultations

–Event consultation & hosting

–Life changing speaker for your next event

–Relational retail strategist & trainer

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