We spend a minimum of 43 hours on each garment, making sure every stitch is in place to fit your form perfectly.  No detail is overlooked. 100% of what we design is created to exactly reflect who you are from the inside out.

Our shirts include French seams that provide durable and beautiful clean lines to the garment. Our buttons are Mylar coated pearl, to ensure beauty and long lasting durability even against the hardest cleaners. The signature reinforced collars and cuffs are what separate us from all the other shirt makers. It requires no starch on a hanger from the cleaners, making it the most “effortless” shirt you will ever purchase.

Our pants include reinforced non-roll waistbands, which extends the life of the pant by years. Included in the waistband is a snugtex trim, which holds your shirt through your day to ensure the best look through activity possible. The pants are also lined to the knee with a silk lining to ensure comfort even at the warmest temperatures.

Most clothing designers dress people on the outside to represent who the designer is. At rod alan, we believe clothes should be the outer reflection of each person, which mirrors their authentic masterpiece on the inside so whatever the circumstances, business or social … you can always be “Extraordinarily You!”  Our purpose is to help people communicate the story of who they are in every area of life without ever saying a word!

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