A:  Find Clothing That Accurately Reflects Your Masterpiece.

Rod Alan Baker describes business casual as: clothing that is less formal than traditional business wear, but accurately reflects a professional and business-like look.  Creating a functional business casual wardrobe, is about developing outfits that fit the groups and settings you most find yourself in, and represent your extraordinarily you masterpiece no matter where you go.  The next step is to evaluate the resources you currently have.  The resources a CEO might have compared to a mid to entry-level employee is drastically different, which will influence the quality and customization of clothing.  Learn how Rod developed the Extraordinarily You Concept and how he’s used this approach in helping create wardrobes for thousands of people.

Igniting you to discover your one-of-a-kind passions and then help you discover your individual personality is the secret in choosing personalized clothing that accurately reflects who you are on the inside. With so many choices and little to no guidance, shopping for clothing to build your wardrobe is a difficult task.  By utilizing the Extraordinarily You Approach you can find the looks that not only reflect your masterpiece but communicate a business casual style.

When you begin the process of purging your closest to find pieces that work or no longer suit your individual style, make sure to separate them into different categories.  The pieces that you already have which suit your masterpiece are ones that can be utilized in building outfits. This is a great place to start.  The more interchangeable pieces you have the more combination of outfits you can create.

The base of a business casual wardrobe starts with:

  • black jacket
  • nice pair of jeans
  • medium grey, and khaki pants
  • 1/2 dozen of pattern button-ups (casual design or pattern)
  • 1/2 dozen of pull over shirts



This base is wear the differentiation between the CEO of the company and the mid-level employee comes into place.  The patterned button up shirt for the CEO will look drastically different then the shirt for the mid-level employee.  A CEO with an “optimist” personality may want something a little more flashy wear all eyes are on them compared to the mid-level employee who doesn’t do much interaction with clients and have more of an “intellect” or doer “personality”.  This is where groups and settings are very important.  Rod Alan Baker explains each personality type and how to communicate with them differently in his book Extraordinarily You From the Inside Out.


It is important to keep your style and wardrobe consistent.  For example, if you are running errands and come across someone you know professionally, wouldn’t you want your clothing to communicate something similar to what they receive in the workplace.  Yes, the outfits would look quite different but the integrity of your clothing should be kept the same. A dumpy weekend outfit consisting of shorts and a wrinkled shirt doesn’t give off the look a client would want to see their serious and successful lawyer in.  But, if they saw you in a casual outfit that consisted of nice shorts, a belt, and a polo tucked in your appearance of them would be very different.  This is the method we try to teach all our clients at rod alan.  Keep your style consistent with the image you want to portray, no matter the group or setting you find yourself in.  This will lead to a wardrobe that is universal and ultimately saves you from having to ask, “what in the world am I going to wear today?”




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