A:  Styling a look with brown shoes and black pants can be done and well show you how.

We will explain some tips to pull off the pairing of the two, so you are not the person in the crowd everyone is staring at wondering, “Did this guy take a look in the mirror before he left the house?” Understanding the combination of brown shoes and black pants is contrast.  The darker hue of your pants should have a distinct difference from the lighter hue of your shoe.  Learning to properly suit the two together will result into a more casual style compared to a more formal look of black shoes and black pants.

A Lighter Shoe Is Effective

A light brown shoe paired with a black pant will compliment each other.  Even though a sharp color difference is apparent the combination of the two is effective.  Another option is to pair a burned-red hued shoe with a black pant capturing less of a contrast, but giving the appearance of a professional style.

Combining Accessories That Match Your Shoes

Style your shoes with a matching belt to compliment each other, or mix it in with another appropriate piece of clothing like your socks.

Adding Hints of Black to the Shoe

Your footwear can more effectively tie in with your black pant if their is black apparent in the shoe.  Dark stitching in the shoe can help bring unity to your overall look.  The contrast of the two will also be more apparent and look like it was meant to be.  The key is to style yourself with a look that inspires confidence and others will notice.

Styling Advice