Understanding the Difference: Blazer vs. Sport Coat

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Understanding the difference between the Blazer and Sport Coat is a difficult topic.  When is it appropriate to wear each and when is it not?  It all depends upon the groups and setting you find yourself in. Rod Alan Baker’s point of view is this: Blazers are hybrids of sorts because it is more formal than a sports jacket and not made with a pair of matching trousers.  The sport coat is the most casual and is meant to function as sporting attire that is loose enough to allow layering underneath. The suit jacket is made with a matching pair of trousers as well as made with the same fabric.

No matter if you are more comfortable wearing a blazer or sport coat, you will always thrive in a business casual setting.  Perfect for situations that require more of a professional look , but keeping yourself loose at the same time.

Blazer vs. Sport Coat

Sport Coat

Blazer vs. Sport Coat

Blazer vs. Sport Coat


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