We are very excited to announce an all new partnership with Nordstrom coming very soon to rod alan.  Our new partnership will harness the power of the Nordstrom Style Boards to bring you curated outfits from some of the finest brands in the world at the touch of a button!

Soon you’ll simply take the rod alan style quiz, and from your answers our team of experts will build a custom Style Board for you that will get texted or emailed directly to your phone or computer.  Just click the link to view your selections, and with just a click of a button shop the items included or the entire outfit instantly.  It’s a simple and powerful way to refresh your wardrobe with stunning outfits, clothing and accessories chosen for you exclusively from the expert staff at rod alan and the Nordstrom Style Board app.

In addition, Rod Alan Baker is now an independent stylist with Nordstrom, which allows you the opportunity to have a VIP one on one experience with Rod and the entire collection of Nordstrom’s premier clothing and accessories at your fingertips.  It’s a very exciting time, and we’re pleased to offer these services to rod alan clients very soon.  Stay tuned!